Mammoet completes installation of UAE’s three largest gas turbines

The turbines were required for the Fujairah F3 Power Plant project which will incorporate combined cycle technology.

Heavy-lifting specialist Mammoet has completed the delivery and installation of the three “largest-capacity gas turbines” in the UAE, the company has announced.

The turbines were transported and installed as part of the Fujairah F3 Power Plant project, a 2.4GW plant, which will be the largest independent combined cycle power plant in the UAE.

Samsung C&T Corporation, the EPC contractor of the project had earlier awarded Mammoet with the receiving, transport, lifting and installation scope of the power plant components, Mammoet said.

In July 2022, Huisman announced a new 700t crane for handling wind turbine components.

Abu Dhabi Ports’ Fujairah Terminals, operating at the Port of Fujairah under a concession agreement, was selected as the most suitable port for the receiving and handling of over-dimensional cargo, due to its location, as it avoided the the mountains of Fujairah with their steep slopes, the company noted.

In total 105 power plant components needed to be transported 23km from the Port of Fujairah to the project site, located at the Fujairah Water and Electricity complex in Qidfa.

The route had an overhead bridge with a maximum clearance of 7.3m, while some of the components, such as the gas turbines, needed a clearance of 7.5m, including the trailers.

In October 2022, MYCRANE launched operations in the United States.

To allow the cargo to pass under the overhead bridge, Mammoet engineers chose to load the turbines directly onto the trailers, without the use of standard transport beams. This reduced the overall transportation height by approximately 30cm but as the cargo could not be offloaded on stools for temporary storage and it was lifted off the trailers and installed directly upon arrival at the site, the company explained.

Located in Fujairah’s Qidfa area, between the existing Fujairah F1 and Fujairah F2 water and electricity plants, Fujairah F3 will incorporate advanced ‘JAC’ – class gas turbine technology, and will be able to power the equivalent of 380,000 households, once operational.

In November 2022, Mammoet and Bay Cranes announced a strategic partnership.

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