Āsper and IND to build Creative Cluster project in the heart of Riyadh

Currently in the process of obtaining approvals and investment through MN Group, the proposed location encompasses a vast area in Al-Diriyah

Responding to the evolving dynamics of urban living and a growing demand for creative communal spaces, the developer Āsper has joined forces with the renowned international architecture bureau IND to unveil an ambitious initiative – the Creative Cluster, poised to become the vibrant heart of Riyadh.

Inspired by the ever-changing urban panorama of Riyadh, the project’s team identified an opportunity to create a multifunctional space that nurtures creativity, fosters innovation, and facilitates cultural exchange.

The proposed location of the Creative Cluster encompasses a vast area in Al-Diriyah, pending confirmation. Spanning a sprawling plot of approximately 133,600 square meters, the Creative Cluster project blends culture and commerce, offering an array of diverse functional zones. These zones encompass co-working spaces, hotels, museum galleries, cafes, retail outlets, workshops, restaurants, and more. At the core of this development lies an expansive event plaza, designed to host events of various scales. The project’s design philosophy is aimed at catering to both local residents and international creatives, creating an environment conducive to the growth of talents and imaginative minds.

One of the distinguishing features of the Creative Cluster project is its strong emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly solutions. The use of rammed earth as the primary façade material for most buildings not only emphasizes aesthetics but also underscores a commitment to sustainability. This choice draws inspiration from historical and aesthetic references while championing local production, thus reducing the carbon footprint associated with material transportation.

The entire complex functions as an integrated system, seamlessly blending buildings and gardens. These gardens serve a multitude of purposes, ranging from recreational spaces to exhibition areas and educational venues. A canopy system acts as a visual connector between various functions while providing essential shade in the local climate. The incorporation of greenery is further complemented by the strategic use of water surfaces, contributing to a subtle reduction in air temperature.

Amir Idiatulin, CEO of IND, commented, “The Creative Cluster concept emerges from a shared commitment to reshape urban spaces by seamlessly integrating creativity and functionality. It aims to create a hub where entrepreneurship, artistic expression, and social engagement converge – a space that resonates with both local residents and global visitors.”

Artem Y.F., CDO, and co-founder of Āsper, added, “IND’s profound understanding of creative clusters, coupled with their enduring partnership with Āsper, makes them the ideal choice for this venture. We believe that our shared passion for the project, combined with expertise and a visionary approach, will result in a genuinely innovative development within the region.”

The proposed location in Al-Diriyah is said to enable the development to draw from the rich historical significance of the area, infusing an additional layer of cultural depth into the project while projecting it into a future characterized by innovation and vibrancy. The project strategically aligns with Riyadh’s iconic landmarks, including KAFD and Kingdom Center, further solidifying its role as a cultural gravity point.

Currently in the process of obtaining approvals and securing investments through MN Group, the Creative Cluster project holds the potential to become a new hub for the creative community, poised to reshape Riyadh’s cultural and commercial landscape once it advances to the implementation stage.

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