Plans underway to accelerate Sharjah property sector

Real estate will be the backbone of the emirate’s future prosperity and will soon benefit from a raft of high-quality services and industry bodies

The Real Estates Sector Business Group, operating under the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), has held discussions with the Sharjah FDI Office on ways to accelerate real estate investment projects in the emirate and invigorate the local property sector.

The discussions took place during a co-ordination meeting attended by notable figures, including Saeed Ghanem Al Suwaidi, Chairman of the Representative Committee of the Real Estate Sector Business Group; Saif Mohammed Salem Al Suwaidi, Director of the Investment Support Department at the Sharjah FDI Office; Marwan Saleh Alichla, Director of the Sharjah Investors Services Centre; and other key committee members.

The SCCI emphasised that Sharjah’s real estate sector has seen remarkable growth and development; however, notwithstanding, proactive strategies should be put in place, with a premium on providing high-quality services to real estate entities through the Sharjah Investors Services Centre.

The SCCI’s view is that while the property sector can act as a backbone to the emirate’s economic prosperity, Sharjah can draw investors due to its multifaceted economy, comprehensive legislative and regulatory frameworks, and government amenities.

At the keynote meeting, there was also a focus on the committee’s strategies to draw real estate investments to Sharjah, foster ties with both investors and government entities, and effectively represent the vast community of real estate professionals within the emirate.

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