One million safe hours achieved at Desert Rock mountain resort

The ‘jewel in the crown’ of Red Sea Global’s Amaala development has managed a significant health & safety milestone

Red Sea Global (RSG) has achieved a major construction milestone by clocking one million safe working hours, while working on the first phase of the Desert Rock mountain resort. This work record is also noteworthy in that there have been zero time-consuming incidents requiring any kind of Health & Safety intervention.

The company said this was mainly due to the efforts of the expert Health & Safety department team.

Desert Rock is billed as a unique mountain resort being built directly into a rockface, and boasts stunning vistas and stargazing opportunities on the west coast of Saudi Arabia.

The unique rock formations included in the resort architecture were produced by a series of prehistoric seismic events, and so the architecture has been designed to preserve and accent this natural beauty – while also reducing energy consumption, supercharging the ecosystem, and regenerating native flora.

RSG attributed this achievement to its strict adherence to the highest standards of Health & Safety since it announced its sustainable destinations.

A company spokesperson explained, “This is mainly due to our belief that all are entitled to enjoy a safe work experience at all times, be they our direct staff members or those employed by our partners, in the development of project portfolio. The Health & Safety of the workforce at Red Sea Global is a top priority.”


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