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General Hotel Management to manage Trojena resort

Trojena aims to become a hub for world-class tourism and recreation

Neom has signed a strategic agreement with General Hotel Management (GHM), the international hotel and resort developer, to manage The Chedi Trojena, at the under development Trojena mountain destination – the venue set to host the 2029 Asian Winter Games.

Nestled within the Slope Residences approaching the mountain summits, The Chedi Trojena will be part of an upscale residential village in one of Trojena’s six distinctive clusters: Gateway, Discover, Valley, Explore, Relax and Fun, Neom noted.

The hotel’s location in the ‘Relax Cluster’ is said to serve as a sanctuary for reflection, recreation, and rejuvenation, featuring world-class wellness programmes. Its design blends harmoniously with the surrounding landscape, with nature trail paths and eco-friendly activity areas, the Saudi developer added.

In mid October 2022, Hotel Development inked a deal with Ennismore to open two hotels in Trojena.

The Slope Residences will offer guests a range of experiences including culinary nourishment, sports and adventure, health, and longevity, as well as restorative and meditative activities, all with uninterrupted views overlooking the Lake of Trojena.

Following the signing of the agreement, GHM’s CEO Tommy Lai, commented, “We are honoured to be the second hotel partner selected by Neom Hotel Development to realise its vision of hospitality excellence of the future. GHM’s remit is to create an exceptional luxury sanctuary that will chart the course for this shared new future.”

The design narrative for the hotel will reflect the Kingdom’s rich history, with a nod to Trojena’s futuristic architecture to add a contemporary edge befitting its awe-inspiring context. Construction on Trojena began last month and Neom expects to welcome its first guests in 2026.

In early November 2022, Neom appointed an Independent Safety Assessor for the railway system in The Line and Neom Industrial City.

In its aim to become a hub for world-class tourism and recreation, of a kind never before offered in the Gulf countries, the mountain destination will also feature 30km of ski slopes for visitors of all ages and levels, ultra-luxury and wellness hotels and resorts, as well as over 100 indoor and outdoor experiences available all year-round.

Chris Newman, Executive Director, Hotel Development at Neom said the Chedi brand has a proven track record of creating inimitable and authentic hospitality concepts. He concluded, “By capturing this spirit of luxury escapism, we can deliver on our promise of giving visitors something that they have never seen before, and in turn, experience the world in ways they couldn’t have imagined.”

In early December 2022, Neom launched its first island development – Sindalah.

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