Neom appoints Independent Safety Assessor for railway system in The Line and Neom Industrial City

The scope of work for the consortium is to act as an ISA at the overall system-wide level for THE LINE and NICC as required by NEOM

Egis and its subsidiary AuditSafe, along with Certifer have been appointed by Neom to act as an Independent Safety Assessor (ISA) for the railway system in The Line and the Neom Industrial City Connector (NICC).

According to a statement, the railway system will comprise several individual lines: high speed rail lines, freight rail lines, metro/GMT rail lines, depot rail lines and platform loops.

The scope of work for the consortium is to act as an ISA at the overall system-wide level for The Line and NICC as required by Neom, and includes all necessary assessment tasks to obtain the required licenses in order to achieve permission for the systems to operate with passengers and carry revenue freight.

In July 2022, the Saudi Crown Prince unveiled the designs of The Line, and revealed the future city will be just 200m wide and, in early September 2022, Trevi Group said its Saudi subsidiary had begun foundation works for The Line.

In addition, the independent safety assessment shall assess that the safety organisation and its responsibilities have been clearly identified and implemented, the design requirements have been validated and verified, the hazard management processes are suitable, risks have been reduced to the lowest level and residual hazards have been addressed through appropriate mitigations, Neom said.

The Line will be a linear urban development of hyper-connected communities with walk-able neighbourhoods, powered by 100% renewable energy. The transport system will be located at the physical and digital infrastructure layer beneath the ground of The Line, and will feature 5G, fibre, satellite, and wireless solutions throughout the communities of the urban development.

High-speed transport links will allow residents to reach any part of The Line within 20-minutes. Neom is expected to emerge as a leading global hub that exemplifies the future of human civilization by offering its inhabitants an idyllic lifestyle combined with exceptional economic prospects, the statement explained.

Later in September 2022, Neom announced the opening of the Neom Media Village and Bajdah Desert Studios while, in October 2022, Hotel Development inked a deal with Ennismore to open two hotels in Trojena.

Egis and Certifer are very proud to be a part of this major project and will mobilise a dedicated team in and outside of the Kingdom, the statement concluded.

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