IPAF launches enhanced accident reporting dashboard

The latest features improve users’ ability to track safety statistics against overall industry trends

Members and non-members who log data into the IPAF accident reporting portal can now track their own safety statistics against the wider industry, the organisation has announced.

Falls from the platform, electrocution and platform overturns have been the most common type of incidents leading to serious injuries and deaths in the last decade, according to the latest Global Safety Report.

Safety will be one of the key focuses at Construction Machinery Middle East’s 2022 Access & Handling Summit. Registration is complementary for industry professionals.

In a statement, Brian Parker, IPAF Head of Safety & Technical, said: “Until now, IPAF offered a limited interface for viewing reports via the portal, with logged-in users only able to view charts ranking the incidents reported by company as a proportion of the total, which allowed rough benchmarking against overall industry trends.

“However, after extensive development work, we are pleased to announce that those using the incident reporting dashboards can now apply multiple filters that will give a snapshot of member company incidents entered against all database entries, which of course are completely anonymised so no company or individual can be identified.”

In May 2022, rental specialist Johnson Arabia spoke to Dowdall about how it is creating a safer environment for end users.

IPAF’s accident reporting has been operating for ten years, with the organisation currently receiving around 600 reports a year from over 40 countries, the IPAF says.

“We need more data from across all sectors of industry, from as many countries as possible; especially via easy on-the-spot incident reporting through the ePAL app. We hope this empowers people to report accidents and near-misses, which too often go under-reported,” Parker added.

In May, the IPAF also launched its ‘Women in Powered Access’ initiative, with the goal of increasing awareness of the growing opportunities for women in the industry.

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