CSP Abu Dhabi Terminal and Khalifa Port implement region’s first autonomous port truck system

Six electric Qomolo Q-Trucks to support vessel loading and unloading activities while providing efficient, cost-effective and green operations

CSP Abu Dhabi container terminal, operating within Abu Dhabi Ports’ flagship deep-water port Khalifa Port, has announced its terminal will be the first in the Middle East to implement an autonomous port truck system.

A total of six electric Q-Trucks will be commissioned by CSP Abu Dhabi Terminal following a two-month trial period, said a statement from CSP. The autonomous trucks will be tasked with supporting mother vessel loading and unloading activities within the facility’s container yard.

The statement added that the L5 Autonomous Freight Trucks are produced by Qomolo, a sub-brand of ShangHai Westwell-Lab Technology Company, and are equipped with an advanced 360-degree sensory system with traffic monitoring and driving guidance system, which enables operators to direct vehicles’ navigation and transportation of general and reefer containers with ease.

The use of smart automation is another key step forward for one of the world’s most technologically advanced ports, said the statement. Moving forward, CSP Abu Dhabi and Khalifa Port will continue to explore other potential applications for AI-powered solutions within terminal and port operations,

Naser Al Busaeedi, deputy CEO, CSP Abu Dhabi, said: “We are proud to be the first terminal in the Middle East to implement an autonomous port truck system following the addition of six of Qomolo Q-trucks to our container handling fleet.

“As well as being extremely efficient and cost-effective, the new vehicles enable us to sustain our container handling operations for longer periods and enable us to continue operating in cases where business continuity becomes an operational challenge. We look forward to experiencing the full potential of these autonomous vehicles over the coming months.”

Featuring a stable, efficient and environmentally friendly platform, the electric Q-Trucks are powered by a 281kWh battery, carry a maximum load of 80 tonnes, and have an operating range of 200km. Capable of operating for up to 44 hours continuously, the vehicle’s electrical systems are further enhanced by a temperature control system that aids in extending battery life in extreme weather.

The new Q-Trucks are expected to deliver reduced transformation and operating costs, a significant reduction in Co2 emissions as compared to traditional trucks and serve as a viable business continuity solution in the event of any manpower crisis.

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