Al-Futtaim Toyota Material Handling supplies lithium-ion forklifts

Environment-friendly machines provided to Al-Futtaim Parts Distribution Hub reduce operating costs and increase ease of use

Al-Futtaim Toyota Material Handling has supplied a new line-up of environment-friendly forklift trucks to Al-Futtaim Parts Distribution Hub (PDH), making it the first such delivery to a group company.

The exclusive distributor of Toyota Material Handling equipment in the UAE said the lithium-ion battery-operated forklift trucks are currently being used in three shifts at the PDH warehouse located in Dubai Investment Park.

According to the distributor, lithium-ion batteries are the latest advancement in battery technology and will “redefine the performance users can expect from material handling equipment”. They offer end users a “massive reduction” in their operating costs and are more environment-friendly than conventional lead-acid batteries as they do not emit any hazardous fumes while charging.

Customers can also save on additional space in the warehouse as lithium-ion batteries do not require a separate battery charging room, thereby increasing profitability and productivity. They also last 3-4 times longer than lead-acid batteries, without losing effectiveness over time. There is also no need to refill them distilled water or acid, thereby eliminating the chance of spilling sulfuric acid, which can cause damage to the battery tray and environment.

Ramez Hamdan, managing director, Industrial Equipment (FAMCO, HINO, Toyota Material Handling), Al-Futtaim Automotive, said: “We are continuously looking at providing our customers with the latest cost-effective products that will help improve their operations and productivity. With these lithium-ion battery-operated forklift trucks, not only are we offering the latest technology but also an environmentally-friendly solution that is in line with the UAE government’s vision for a more sustainable future.”


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