Sany says Saudi forklift truck deal marks entry into region’s oil & gas sector

Two units of customised heavy-duty SCP350C2 mark Sany Port Machinery’s first participation in region’s petroleum sector projects

Chinese construction equipment major Sany’s Port Machinery division has delivered heavy-duty forklift trucks to an oil & gas company in Saudi Arabia, which is one of its key accounts and marks Sany’s first participation in the region’s oil & gas projects.

The manufacturer sad in a statement that the SCP350C2 forklift truck – the model selected by the customer – features a lifting capacity of 35t and a maximum lifting height of 4m. To meet the client’s operational requirement, the model is equipped with an ELM Load stabiliser, enabling the safe hoisting of standard oil tubes on site. The model has demonstrated enhanced and reliable performance with this attachment in a series of performance and safety tests conducted by the client.

According to Sany, the technical director of its client company gave a “strong approval” to the model, two of which were supplied to the company. “The model is a good design with strong power yet not too bulky, and the driver’s cab is quite comfortable. It fully meets our needs,” the Sany statement quoted the client’s technical director as saying.

According to Sany Port Machinery, with all the links involved in sales and service taken care of, it sees big prospects a of improving the customer experience. The Chinese manufacturer’s integrated solution package includes not only customised design but also timely spare parts supply and exclusive technical support for each customer.

“Over 20 years, equipment of various kinds from Sany Port Machinery has been transported to ports in China, America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Russia, the Middle East and Africa, and has stood the test of diverse climate conditions. This time, with the entry into the oil & gas sector, Sany Port Machinery embarks on a new voyage,” said the manufacturer.

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