UAE government and Etihad Rail reach safety agreement for Stage Two of the UAE rail network

Etihad Rail to prepare contractors’ safety assurance documents before submission to the ministry for approval and accreditation

The UAE’s ministry of energy and infrastructure and Etihad Rail have set out how the issuance of safety permits for the second phase of the Etihad Rail project will be regulated following the signing of an agreement this week.

Shadi Malak, CEO, Etihad Rail also confirmed that the ministry and his organisation have established a safety authorisation issuance mechanism to fully audit safety permits.

Etihad Rail has agreed to apply to the Ministry for permits of various types, and permits will be issued once safety files have been audited and a report has been issued by an Independent Safety Assessor. Etihad Rail will furthermore prepare contractors’ safety assurance documents before submission to the Ministry for approval and accreditation.

The signing agreement was formalised at the ministry’s office in Dubai in the presence of His Excellency Suhail bin Mohammed Faraj Faris Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure. The agreement was signed by His Excellency Eng. Hassan Mohammed Juma Al Mansouri, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, and Shadi Malak, Chief Executive Officer of Etihad Rail, and was attended by representatives from both organisations.

Etihad Rail also confirmed that across the project’s four packages, it has achieved 34% of overall progress since construction commenced in January 2020.

“The pace in which progress is continually achieved, provides strong foundations for the incumbent completion of Stage Two, continuing the trend of ensuring the railway embeds leading safety standards and procedures throughout the project,” said a statement.

“The United Arab Emirates continues to successfully enhance its transportation infrastructure: a key enabler of growth in the UAE’s industrial and service sectors. Furthermore, the transport sector delivers wider social and commercial benefits, as well as additional strategic advantages, supporting our nation’s sustainable development objectives,” said His Excellency Suhail Al Mazrouei. “Cumulatively, the industry helps to safeguard the past half-century of growth achieved in the UAE, alongside setting targets for the next fifty years, supporting UAE Centennial 2071 and enabling the UAE’s global leadership across a diverse range of sectors.

“Etihad Rail continues to forge ahead in the development of the UAE’s transportation sector, which will secure the wellbeing and a quality of life for citizens, residents, and tourists alike. Moreover, their work enhances sustainable development processes, bolstering the UAE’s regional and global standing.”

His Excellency Eng. Hassan Mohammed Juma Al Mansouri, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, added: “The provision of advanced infrastructure for the transport sector and the design of safe, integrated, and sustainable mobility networks which are ingrained with cutting-edge technology are cornerstone priorities for the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure. Through such agreements, we look to grow the nation’s transportation sector, following the ambitious vision of the UAE government.

“Furthermore, the Ministry utilises a wide cross-section of resources and assets, as well as investing in furthering the expertise and exceptional prowess found in the UAE. In doing so, we seek to achieve the aspirations of the government, furthering the UAE’s current and future prosperity in support of UAE Centennial 2071.

“The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure plays a key role in ensuring the operational effectiveness of the railway network as the regulatory and planning authority for the broader infrastructure and transportation sector. Further, the Ministry ensures that environmental standards are followed across the sector, safeguarding the efficiency and effectiveness of federal infrastructure assets, one of which is the UAE’s National Rail Network.”

Shadi Malak said that through cooperation the organisations will implement rigorous and robust procedures to ensure the correct issuing and verification of safety permits.

Malak added: “Our organisation continues to develop the UAE’s National Rail Network following the best in class, international standards, including rigorous safety guidelines. As part of this process, Etihad Rail insists on solidifying our strategic partnerships throughout each stage of the project, ensuring both robust administrative and evaluation procedures, alongside informed issuances of permits and licenses.

“The support of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure is invaluable for the development of the UAE’s National Rail Network. We appreciate the Ministry’s commitment in ensuring that the network is completed in line with leading international practices, particularly in safety.”



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