Liebherr successfully tests air conditioning unit to be used in Etihad Rail trains

The Etihad Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) is expected to start service during the fourth quarter of this year

The heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) units that will be used in the UAE’s Etihad Rail trains has been successfully tested by Liebherr Transportation Systems (China).

The units for the CRRC Qingdao Sifang Etihad Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) project, underwent a vehicle thermal conditioning test at the CRRC Qingdao Sifang Rolling Stock Institute, demonstrating “a remarkable level of precision in thermal conditioning control” according to Liebherr,

“The results showed that even with outdoor temperatures of 60°C, the Liebherr air-conditioning system is still able to keep the vehicle’s indoor temperature below 22.8°C with full passenger load,” Liebherr added. Additionally, the maximum average temperature was kept within a margin of error of below ±0.2K.

In February 2022, Etihad Rail announced a $542mn finance deal with First Abu Dhabi Bank to develop passenger services.

The successful test is said to mark another milestone of Liebherr’s broad collaboration with CRRC to provide a high standard of passenger comfort in railway vehicles to customers in China and abroad, the firm explained.

The Etihad DMU train will go into service during the fourth quarter of this year on the UAE’s new national railway network. In March, it was announced that Abu Dhabi and Dubai are now connected by rail.

Liebherr Transportation Systems (China) will provide services and support via Liebherr’s local established presence in the region. “With this impressive temperature control accuracy in thermal conditioning, Liebherr-Transportation Systems’ technology exceeded the so-far known performance of HVAC-units on the market,” Liebherr concluded.

In May, Etihad Rail said that work on the rail network was 75% complete, while in June, it said that it had signed a $326.7mn deal for passenger trains with CAF.

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