Etihad Rail says work on rail network 75% complete

Access to rail in every emirate will bring wide range of benefits to the population of the UAE says top official

Etihad Rail has announced that progress has been made in several areas as it works towards the establishment of a cheaper, faster, more reliable, and sustainable mode of passenger travel in the country.

Speaking at Middle East Rail 2022, Shadi Malak, CEO of Etihad Rail, said that the country’s rail network now stands at 75% complete, 28 months after construction work began.

“Having access to rail in every emirate is just the beginning of many new chapters where Etihad Rail is already working on various new products, rail services and integrated opportunities. We are in a privileged position that we can change the face of logistics and mobility in this country, helping to connect industries, businesses and people, supporting tourism, whilst establishing rail as a cornerstone of the UAE’s overarching government initiatives.”

Malak pointed out that the identification of this whitespace opportunity and the wider benefits it brings is a testament to the leadership of the UAE. He added that Etihad Rail aims to utilise a customer-centric approach, so as to benefit all potential end-users.

“By introducing a cheaper, faster, more reliable, and sustainable service, rail will change public perception, on how we move our goods and ourselves. This provides rail the platform to place itself as the frontrunner, logistic and mobility solution in the UAE,” he stated.

“Etihad Rail will enable businesses to thrive and make different logistical decisions that uplift efficiencies and provides cheaper alternatives, for their business model. Our carefully planned solution for passenger travel provides an opportunity, where you can live in one emirate and work in another, without the pressures of driving long distances, paying for fuel, or leaving your family home in another emirate,” he concluded.

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