Phase One of Sa’ada development in Bahrain now open says EMPC

First phase comprises 34 shops, 36 marina bays and 200 car parking spaces

Nine outlets within Phase One of the Sa’ada waterfront development are now open, the Edamah Property Management Company (EPMC) has announced. This phase of the project is said to encompass food and beverage outlets, kiosks, prayer halls, and other support facilities.

The Crossfit Muharraq gym, Green Hub bicycle rental centre and several cafes including Naseef, Coco Dip, and Goby Tea, are already welcoming customers, while Koshari Boulevard, White Sugar Café, Qahwa & Karak, and Southside, are set to launch by mid-February, said the statement.

Managed by EPMC, Sa’ada is said to be an important heritage project which will link Muharraq’s existing historical setting with the waterfront via an iconic bridge. It aims to restore the local community’s sea access and serve as a key shopping and entertainment destination, while stirring commercial activity to help the Kingdom recover from the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the statement explained.

“We are pleased to welcome our new partners to the Sa’ada project. The first phase is now almost fully leased, with tenants being carefully selected to offer visitors a vibrant mix of dining and entertainment options along the scenic waterfront. We are happy with the strong interest from retailers, as well as with the initial turnout by visitors and tourists, which we expect to improve once restrictions loosen following the success of the vaccination program,” said EPMC general manager Waleed Adel Ali.

He added, “The Muharraq Souq was historically on the water, with ships bringing goods right up to the market. In addition to its economic benefits and its value as a touristic offering, Sa’ada is an important social project which adds value to the community by restoring its ancient connection to the sea and creating a thriving, sustainable waterfront.”

He noted that a limited number of leasing opportunities were still available for Phase One of the development, which includes a total of 34 shops, 36 marina bays, and 200 car parking spaces.

Future phases of the project include the revitalisation of the historic bus station and post office, open plazas, more retail outlets and a multi-story carpark. The project’s layout integrates open spaces and buildings in seamless harmony and promotes the contemporary familiarity of an urban village, the statement noted.


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