Virtual Middle East BIM Summit: Your ten-step guide to BIM adoption

Ahmed AbouAlfa, founder of UAE BIM Association (UBA), says that changing the perception of BIM in SMEs, integrated project management, implementing the right software, and developing standards are some of the ways to address critical challenges in BIM adoption.

With the first-ever Virtual Middle East BIM Summit underway, he adds that successful BIM adoption also requires a high level of collaboration among stakeholders.

AbouAlfa recommends ten actions that companies, industry organisations, and governments can adopt to accelerate BIM adoption and better capitalise on what the technology can offer.

Encourage External Influence

BIM needs to be implemented throughout the supply chain for it to reach its full potential. The lack of homogeneity of BIM adoption among SMEs is not just their responsibility, but a lack of influence from major firms too. All major constructions projects in the UAE are BIM mandated, and SMEs fall under the category of sub-contractor and sub-consultants. Major firms in the industry need to mandate BIM from their side throughout the supply chain, and in this way, SMEs that form a significant part of that sector are thereby forced to implement the technology.

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