Dubai Municipality cracks down on lawbreakers

Over 6,000 warnings issued after 37,000 inspections across Dubai

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Over 6000 warnings were recently issued across Dubai’s tenants for flouting the Dubai Municipality’s stringent residency laws following 37,000 inspections, authorities have revealed.

Both flawed licensing procedures and physical violations (such as installing caravans and wooden boxes) were amongst the offences found and fined by the emirate’s municipal body in the first half of this year.

Other offences also include accommodating bachelors in residential areas and flouting the ‘one family per flat’ law.

Jaber Al Ali, head of the building inspection section at the Municipality was quoted by The National, an Abu Dhabi based newspaper, as saying: “Some of them are from complaints by people, while the others are from our own inspection. We carry out surprise inspections. We decide to visit a particular area. If it looks from the outside like there has been a violation, we will ask to inspect the villa.”

He said the municipality carried out 37,800 field visits during the first half of the year.

Dubai Municipality will allott deadlines to offenders, to allow them to fix the problems or to seek adequate permission from the body. Failing this, they may further further penalties.

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