Coronavirus: Al Habtoor Group rolls out charitable programmes to assist workers and families during Ramadan

Construction giant will distribute 45,000 daily Iftar meals as a special gesture to the thousands working to keep Dubai functioning during pandemic

Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor, founding chairman of the Al Habtoor Group (AHG), has announced a slew of charitable activities and programmes during Ramadan, with the aim of spreading positivity and reflecting on the values of community and tolerance during a challenging period.

In a statement, the construction company said that it would provide daily Iftar meals to workers residing in labour accommodations across Dubai. The delivery of these 45,000 meals will be organised and distributed in the restricted movement and quarantine areas by the Dubai Police Force, the statement added.

These meals are meant as a special gesture to the thousands of men and women who are working tirelessly to keep the emirate functioning smoothly, even in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, the statement added.

As the UAE and the rest of the world marks the start of Ramadan during the COVID-19 pandemic, public movements remain restricted during the 24-hour National Sterilisation Programme, AHG is focusing on ways to support families and the wider community through discount cards for the needy, under the aegis of the Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque & Center (AFMC), it stated.

Meer cards will be distributed to more than 150 Emirati individuals and families this year, enabling them to avail of free food and provision purchases at outlets through the prepaid cards.

These cards are set to bring the total relief provided to families over the last years to $462,818.

Al Habtoor said: “This year takes on special meaning as we rely on our faith, strength and God’s direction to get through this challenging period.”

“We will focus on our traditions of peace, understanding and tolerance this Ramadan, extending our help to the needy and our foreign workers who spare no effort in building and maintaining our beautiful country,” he added.


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