Tadano unifies sales and support for Demag and Tadano customers in EMEAR region

Brands to show one face to customers after merging of sales and expansion of support

Tadano has announced the unification of the availability of its newly acquired Demag range as well as its own Tadano-branded equipment under single-point sales contacts in its Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia (EMEAR) operational region.

The Japanese crane maker, which acquired the Demag brand of cranes from Terex in late 2018, said that with the unification, lifting companies operating in the EMEAR region will experience a more streamlined sales approach that offers the full range of Tadano and Demag crane equipment from a single sales contact.

Under the move, which came into effect from March 1, each crane equipment business manager within Tadano’s EMEAR territory will offer the full range of Tadano and Demag all-terrain and crawler crane models to customers, “increasing sales efficiency, expanding market coverage and showing one face to the customer”, said Tadano.

As part of the company’s efforts to advance the ‘One Tadano’ business strategy for the region, Thomas Schramm and Klaus Kroppel now lead sales efforts for both brands, separated by new sales regions. Schramm leads Tadano and Demag sales for the Benelux countries, Russia, Asia Pacific, Turkey and France. Kroppel has responsibility for crane sales in DACH (Austria, Germany, and Switzerland) countries, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the Nordics.

“As we continue with Demag integration, Tadano customers will experience a faster and more efficient sales approach for the full range of Tadano and Demag equipment,” said Kenichi Sawada, chief commercial officer for Tadano. “By working as one and leveraging synergies, we are stronger together in support of our customers’ success.”

Business leaders reporting to Schramm and Kröppel in the individual markets will also provide sales support for both Tadano and Demag brands. Many of these leaders are the same individuals who have helped customers in these markets with crane equipment purchases for years. Former business leader of the Demag DACH organisation, Christian Kassner, will now lead the newly integrated Tadano and Demag Used Cranes equipment organisation for EMEAR.

Along with sales, the new customer support organisational structure will follow the same ‘One Tadano’ model, as all members now provide support for the Tadano and Demag machines. The new support structure is led by Manfred Schlumberger, customer support director. By redirecting customer support efforts from being brand-centric to company-centric, Tadano said it is effectively using synergies and best practices from both organisations.

In addition, the department is not just simply being placed under a higher-level manager; lower-level management is being merged as well. “This means that key departments such as Training and Customer Service will be led by a single person, enabling us to be closer to our customers and take better advantage of synergistic effects,” Schlumberger explained.

In addition, service technicians for both brands are currently undergoing the necessary training in order to expand the service network and be able to respond to customer requests even faster. Demag is also incorporating the Tadano system of having both service and spare parts supply operations under a single roof.

“Having service and spare parts supply operations this close together will result in significantly improved services for our customers,” Schlumberger said.

Sawada added: “The integration of Demag into the Tadano group elevated Tadano to a full-range supplier of lifting solutions and filled in product gaps on both sides. We are now working to leverage technological and operational synergies made available to Tadano through the Demag acquisition. As we continue along our path to becoming ‘One Tadano,’ our focus remains on supporting our customers and their success in the best, most efficient way possible.”

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