Grace period expires for Abu Dhabi construction firms

Two year grace period for contractors and consultants ended November 22

Contractors and consultants in Abu Dhabi will be faced with new registration and regulation procedures from now on.

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The grace period granted to construction and engineering companies and consultancies operating in Abu Dhabi to be classified mandatorily according to rules and regulations set by the Contractors and Consultants Classification, and Engineers Registration Office has expired, it was announced on Thursday.

Acting director Ali Al Za’abi said that November 22 marked the end of the two year grace period and that actions would be implemented for non-classified firms.

“This day, marks the end of a two-year grace period for construction companies and engineering consultancy offices to complete classification procedures according to regulations in force; and here we announce that we will implement actions set for non-classification, which include non-renewal of the licences of unclassified companies and offices which did not present to initiate classification,” he explained.

In addition, the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development said that CCCERO would be attached to the Abu Dhabi Municipality Department, with all stipulated responsibilities and functions.

“The transferring of the CCCERO to Abu Dhabi Municipality comes within the context of cooperation between government departments to boost economic development in Abu Dhabi and the keenness of the Department of economic Development and the Municipal Affairs department to cope with the needs of the growing economy, and the efforts to advance organising procedures in the construction sector.” said Mohammed Al Hadrami, CEO of the Governance Sector at the Municipal Affairs Department.

Al Za’abi said that the system currently in place for the CCCREO would contribute to the reorganisation and restructuring of the activities of contractors and consultants.

“The system will help keep pace with developments in the emirate, especially in the construction sector, which is one of the most important sectors that contribute to the increased GDP rate of growth in Abu Dhabi”.

DED added that the new system would allow for the selection and rehabilitation of engineers for accreditation as part of the technical staff in companies.

“The system also caters for performance monitoring and the application of the provisions of these systems on all construction companies and engineering consultancy offices licensed in the emirate of Abu Dhabi,” Al Za’abi added.

The current classification system reflects the keenness of the Abu Dhabi government to develop  and activate all regulations and laws in place, which aim at realising the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, he said.

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