Champion Doors eyes GCC market

Finnish firm to supply hanger doors to Airbus maintenance hub in Toulouse

Champion Doors currently has invoices in 39 countries.

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Finnish company Champion Doors recently announced a new contract to supply three hangar doors to Toulouse company EADS, makers of the Airbus family of jets.

It is an important element of the new Airbus ‘Superjumbo’ 380 Maintenance hall in Toulouse.

Director Mika Hosio pointed out that currently a large percentage of their invoicing is based in the GCC, and the market in the region is growing.

The company is looking at increase representation in Dubai. Champion Doors has already completed installations in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. They also build doors for harbour installations.

Airbus engineers made a rigorous inspection of other hangars that Champion Doors has worked on. The Finnish Company has installations all over the world, and currently invoices to 39 countries.

Much of their product range is military specification and operates over a wide temperature range from the arctic to the desert.

The doors for the new contract measure 29 metres in height and 92 metres in width. The height of an A380 tail is 24.09 metres and it has a wingspan of 79.75 metres. They are of the lift up variety.

“The Airbus contract is much more complicated than just supplying doors. There was a rigorous selection process, and even before we were awarded the contract we were required to provide exacting planning and co-operation to support this crucial element of the project,” Hosio said.

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