NFT, Manitowoc renew tower crane partnership

Abu Dhabi-based NFT, the world’s biggest Potain dealer, to continue four-decade-old global relationship with manufacturer

The recently concluded Big 5 Heavy exhibition in Dubai saw global crane giant Manitowoc and NFT Specialized in Tower Cranes renew their partnership that has seen the Abu Dhabi-based company become the largest dealer in the world of Manitowoc’s Potain tower crane brand.

The agreement to renew the partnership was signed last week by Orlando Mota, Senior VP, Manitowoc, and Nabil Al Zahlawi, CEO and managing partner, NFT, at the exhibition held at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

With NFT being virtually synonymous with Potain in the Middle East and now, increasingly, even beyond the region, both officials said the signing of the renewal agreement, which took place on NFT’s stand at the show, was a mere formality but one that cements a firm relationship even further.

“We are proud to be partners with Potain and Manitowoc for over 45 years now. The relationship is a very special one and we just took the next step of making it official for the future by the renewal of the agreement with Manitowoc,” commented Al Zahlawi.

“Over the years, we have expanded globally and now we are able to supply Potain tower cranes to projects all around the world. In fact, we have supplied projects from Asia to the West, along with the regions in between.

“We are constantly investing in new equipment and machines for our rental fleet. Today at the Big 5 we bought a few new units from Potain and we’re sending them directly to Singapore from the Potain factory. The new purchase comprises the MCT 565 flattop crane, which is a model class with some demand in the markets we are supplying to.

“The NFT-Potain relationship has grown over time to become seemingly like a family and we value Manitowoc’s trust and support, which has enabled us to deliver the best products and services to users and customers of Potain across several continents.”

Giving Manitowoc’s perspective about the agreement renewal and about NFT, Mota added: “We have a long-standing relationship between NFT and Manitowoc, which makes NFT one of the oldest Potain dealers across the world as well as our largest global dealer today. So, with the signing here at the Big 5 Heavy, we are celebrating in black and white this long relationship that we’ve now had for 45 years. However, whether we sign on the dotted line or not, the relationship between Manitowoc and NFT will remain a special one and in fact will continue to grow. But there comes a time when certain steps and formalities need to be observed and this is such an occasion.

“Actually, our relationship is much deeper and wider-ranging than a contract can cover. NFT and Potain are practically one family and we have developed this by working closely for more than four decades and counting. There is no reason why we cannot continue to grow this relationship for the next four decades and then more. We are as proud to have a partner like NFT as they are to have us.”


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