Bee’ah, Crescent Enterprises inaugurate sustainable transport company ION

ION’s new operations will focus on the growing demand for sustainable transport across UAE

Bee’ah and Crescent Enterprises in a joint venture has launched ION, a UAE-based sustainable transport company, which has set up operations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah.

ION will be the first ever green mobility solutions provider of its kind in the region, according to the company. It is committed to pioneering accessible and sustainable transport in MENA and beyond as well as provide smart, effective, carbon-neutral, commercial and public transport solutions, deployed through platforms such as ride-hailing applications, and corporate and government fleets.

ION has been officially established today, during an inauguration ceremony attended by Badr Jafar, CEO of Crescent Enterprises, and Khaled Al Huraimel, group CEO of Bee’ah.

In 2018, ION launched a pilot programme in Dubai with ride-hailing service Careem, providing a fleet of Tesla Model S electric vehicles. With the pilot programme successfully completed, it is now expanding operations to other emirates as part of Bee’ah and Crescent Enterprises’ vision to revolutionise smart, sustainable transport, it stated.

ION’s new operations are set to cater to the growing demand for sustainable transport options across the UAE, including providing next-generation mobility solutions within Masdar City, supported by a fleet of Chevrolet Bolt electric cars,  with plans to add on-demand services.

Commenting on the expansion, Jafar said: “Our partnership with Bee’ah to establish ION stems from our shared vision of environmental sustainability, and aims to support the development of a zero-emission transport system for the UAE and the wider MENA region.”

“We have seen significant shifts in energy policies in recent years in response to economic, social and environmental challenges, and it is vital that the private sector plays its role in this sustainability drive,” he added.

Meanwhile, Al Huraimel said: “ION is an extension of a process we started internally, by using a fleet of advanced, eco-friendly vehicles. This fleet of 1200 vehicles are also managed by a digitally enhanced system which uses features like automated route optimisation and RFID tagged bins to reduce emissions, optimise fuel consumption and the use of resources like vehicles and people.”

“We have also placed the Middle East’s first and largest order for Tesla’s revolutionary Semi trucks. Through ION, we are making eco-friendly modes of transportation more accessible for residents, improving air quality levels through zero emissions and creating better living standards for people.”

ION stated that it also has future plans for providing end-to-end transport solutions; including  ‘first and last-mile’ connections –  the beginning or end of individual trips made primarily by public transit – and charging stations; transforming the transport network and setting new global benchmarks for green mobility.


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