Jekko unveils new versatile mini crane

Middle East companies among first buyers of the new model

Specialty crane maker Jekko has unveiled its new tracked telescopic mini crane incorporating new technology for stability and hoisting.

A statement from the Italian company said the new SPX1280 is a versatile machine that offers several advanced operating configurations and is a big improvement over its predecessor, the SPX1275.

The new SPX1280 has a maximum safe working load of 8t and reaches 26.6m in height when the hydraulic jib is installed. In ‘Pick & Carry’ mode the machine offers 360° of operation with a 2t load.

Mauro Tonon, export sales manager, Jekko, said: “This machine is a real blank page for the operator, who can use endless configurations to be exploited very easily, notably through a completely revised user interface. Considering its weight, size and stabilisation area, it’s no doubt the (best) performing machine within its sector.”

According to Jekko, the technology of the new SPX1280 offers a completely new approach for the operator to manage different working situations. In the past the configurations that allowed to reach the stability required were extremely limited and affected the work dynamics. Now the combination of the stabilisation system, sensor technology, software and a new user interface generates many working situations.

“The core of this crane is its new stabilisation system – that makes the machine adapt, no matter what working environment – and (our) well-known hydraulic jib with three extensions that can be stowed either under or on the side of the main boom,” said Jekko.

The statement added that the stabilisation system of the SPX1280 considers several factors in order to determine the possible working conditions. Depending on the opening angle and the extension of the stabilisers – as well as the possible use of the counterweight – the machine software can define in real time the maximum safe working load in a specific point. In the past this wasn’t possible to such an extent since partial extensions of the stabilizers and 0° to 45° intermediate angles couldn’t be taken into account. The stabilisation degrees have increased from four to seven and their displaying on the interface is easier and user-friendly.

The new hydraulic system of the crane has smoother and more precise operation, which increases the operator’s feeling of control. This 100% electronically-operated supply system has been enhanced to offer new functions such as jib extension and arm lifting at the same time, smoother and better performing tracks, and operation while combining four functions at a time.

The SPX1280 features a 19kW diesel engine fitted with a variable displacement pump that increases the efficiency of the whole unit while fully exploiting the engine power depending on the operation under way. This makes for better reliability as well as reduction in fuel consumption, according to Jekko.

The SPX1280 is operated via a new user-friendly radio remote control designed by Jekko’s in-house team. Five configurations are possible: Pick & Carry, crane, stabilisers, crosspieces, and travel. A single radio remote control starts, configures and operates the machine and its tools.

The SPX1280 is designed for uses such as laying of glazed panes, industrial maintenance and assembly, construction and building, said Jekko, but its versatility can also be exploited when hoisting is carried out in confined places.

“We’ve received orders covering all of 2019 and the first quarter of next year. Our overall production budget for this model in 2020 is of at least 40 units, with several destined for the United States, the Middle East and China, in addition to our traditional markets,” said Tonon.


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