Sharjah’s Chamber of Commerce signs MoU with Bee’ah to foster best environmental practises

Organisations agree to cooperate and exchange knowledge and experiences for best environmental practises

The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI) and Bee’ah has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to foster the best environmental practices in Sharjah by SCCI’s director-general Mohammad Ahmed Amin Al Awadi and group CEO of Bee’ah, Khaled Al Huraimel at the SCCI headquarters.

Commenting on the MoU, Al Awadi said: “The MoU comes within a series of the SCCI’s efforts and initiatives to enhance the role of Industry and Business Sector in bolstering the green policies and sustainable development strategies in Sharjah.”

“We have to intensify the efforts to launch more programs and initiatives that contribute to elevating the awareness about the importance of maintaining the environment and focusing on the sustainability as a key pillar for upholding the holistic development journey adopted by both Sharjah and UAE Government,” Al Awadi stated.

According to a statement from the Chamber of Commerce, Bee’ah will provide containers in different parts of the SCCI premises with a view to encouraging the environment-friendly practices and promoting the culture of recycling. Additionally, mutual visits will be organised to learn about the applied experiences by both sides in the environmental protection field.

Meanwhile, Al Huraimel, said: “The MoU with SCCI is a testament to our commitment to support entities in achieving their environment goals; adopting green policies and sustainable development strategies; and encouraging a sustainable culture in the workplace.”

“Our programmes and initiatives aim to effectively serve the needs of communities across the UAE and positively impact the environment, to pioneer a more sustainable quality of life,” he added.

The statement also added that the MoU will aim at enhancing the capabilities of both the sides to consolidate the best environmental practices, through the program of waste recycling and disposal, as part of the two sides’ commitment towards the environment and its sustainability.

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