Raimondi introduces heavist lifting luffer in its line-up

New LR372 capable of lifting 3.7t at maximum radius and is capable of 60m jib length

Raimondi Cranes has unveiled its latest advanced luffing jib tower crane, the LR372, which is the heaviest lifting crane in the company’s range of luffers.

Equipped with Raimondi’s “next generation high performance” winches, the new LR372 is a 370 ton-metre class luffing tower crane with a maximum jib length of 60m and a maximum capacity of 20t in two falls configuration. At the maximum radius, the LR372 can lift 3.7t using Ultralift mode, making this Raimondi’s most powerful luffing crane to date, said a statement from the Italian tower crane specialist.

“Following our internal tests and procedural checks, the LR372 was in testing phase for a total of three months. This short period of time was possible due to the crane’s main design engineering aspects being based off the luffing LR330 that was launched last year,” said Domenico Ciano, CEO, Raimondi Cranes.

“One very important feature of the LR372 is that it may be installed on two different types of towers: for an internal climbing system, the new GR5H tower at a width of 2m, or the 2.3m width GR6 tower series (GR6B, GR6 and GR6L inclusive), for standard, external and internal climbing configurations,” Ciano explained.

Raimondi said that all of the aforementioned towers are available in different lengths for easy crane configuration. The GR6L towers can be installed on embedded legs and on an 8×8 in addition to the new 6×6 metre strut cross base with or without travelling system. The GR5H towers can be installed on embedded elements and on a 6x6m strut cross base.

Ciano added that to address the technical aspects of the crane’s enhanced design, Raimondi worked closely with its supplier to develop a new motor that would optimise winch performance while reducing energy consumption now implemented in both the LR372 and the LR330.

“Raimondi’s engineering team completed the design of our new LR372 in six months, including the new winches installed on the LR372. We have invested more than 2,000 hours between the mechanical and control system designs with a major focus on ease of use, maintenance accessibility, and structural strength,” Ciano said.

The LR372’s luffing movement, using the new 75kW winch, is equipped with a standard emergency brake. The raise of the jib from 14.5° to 85° takes approximately 2.1 minutes with full load.

“In terms of the hoisting movement, the LR372 is powered by the 110kW winch with 880m rope capacity, and is equipped with the hydraulic emergency brake as a standard feature. Thanks to its outstanding drum capacity, the LR372 can work up to 380m with two falls and 820m with one fall. The LR372 can reach a maximum lifting speed of approximately 256 metres per minute,” said Ciano.

The new slewing movement on this crane is driven by the two 15kW motors fully controlled by inverters, he added, allowing it to reach a slewing speed of 0.8 rpm.

“The first two LR372s will be delivered immediately to Raimondi’s official South Korean agent, Hansung Prime Co. Ltd., for a large-scale development in Busan. The new cranes will be installed to reach heights of 222m and 228m respectively, with Raimondi’s EC6L external climbing system,” said Mauro Masetti, CCO, Raimondi Cranes.

“In terms of market relevance, the new LR372 is advantageous as it shares much of the same components of the latest Raimondi models.

“This allows our customers to build on their existing fleets while ensuring parts communality and servicing familiarity with Raimondi’s latest technologies. In addition to our early success in South Korea, we anticipate that clients in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, the UAE and Saudi Arabia will find that the LR372 meets their needs.”

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