Dubai’s first sustainable city by 2016

Diamond Developers plans to built $272m project to meet growing demand for environmentally friendly housing

Faris Saeed says the UAE is showing an increasing tendency to move towards urban sustainability.

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Diamond Developers, the Dubai based property developer, announced on Wednesday that it would be launching Dubai’s first sustainable city through a $272m project being built in the city.

Faris Saeed, chairman of the developer and a member of the Dubai Real Estate Community, said that the decision to build the project was influenced by the increasing trend from within the UAE to adopt an urban sustainable approach.

“The announcement of the launch signifies the culmination of over three years of vigorous efforts to develop the first sustainable city in Dubai,” Saeed explained.

“The final concept is the product of in-depth studies and discussions with international universities, experts and UN specialized organizations. The development will be instrumental in stamping the UAE’s fingerprint on the world map, for the progressive initiative and its meticulous attention to every detail,” he added.

The project will meet its needs for electricity through the power of solar energy, while growing water shortages in the region would be combated through the use of sewage and waste water that has been treated and recycled for irrigation purposes.

Furthermore, the city will adopt several initiatives to reduce carbon emissions by more than 75%, Saeed added. He pointed out that the city would be 100% free of waste due to a fully integrated waste treatment system.

In addition, he said that the developer was putting in place a sustainable transport system within the sustainable city that would include horse drawn carriages and solar powered vehicles.

“Green areas account for 70% of the total area and include gardens and farms engineered to produce organic food products for the nutritional requirements of the population.”

“There will also be a solar energy farm and a green belt of 100,000 qaaf and palm trees, stretching along 8km in and around the city, that will be able to accommodate 2,500 families”, added Saeed.

Dubai Sustainable City will also contain an eco-friendly resort and spa, an educational zone and other religious and healthcare facilities.

A unified complex that will house various government departments and a university will also be built, Saeed said. Future plans also include the building of housing facilities for the students of the university.

“The city can accommodate 10,000 residents, students and employees. Infrastructure and landscaping works will commence during the second half of this year on an area of 743,224m2, and the built up area will not exceed 464,515m2,” he added.

The project is scheduled to be completed in four phases, with the first set to be completed in 2013, while the remaining three stages will be finalised over consecutive years. The entire project is scheduled to be completed by 2016.

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