Muscat bans construction from dusk-to-dawn on public holidays

Violators will face an administrative fine of $1,300 and abrupt stoppage of work, new law cautions

As per amended rules issued by Muscat Municipality, no construction and maintenance activities, including excavation and demolition, can be undertaken from dusk-to-dawn in Oman’s capital city on public holidays. The ban applies on all official holidays and on Fridays in residential neighbourhoods.

The amendments to the civic laws governing construction were made by Eng Mohsen bin Mohammed al Sheikh, chairman of Muscat Municipality. The amended laws are also said to ban noise-related work between sunset to sunrise.

‘No construction works including demolition, building extension and excavation should be done on official holidays and Fridays in the residential neighbourhoods without prior permission’, the amended law states.

Necessary works require prior permission from the municipality and as per the new laws, contractors will now only get a permit for works after they submit proof of the boundaries of the plot to the Ministry of Housing. Contractors will be required to clearly mark the boundaries of the plot on the ground.

According to a report published by the Oman Observer, residents in most parts of Muscat have been complaining about restless nights due to the sound of jackhammers and other noise from heavy machinery used at construction sites.

At the start of the year, Muscat Municipality announced that steps were being taken to curb construction activities that cause noise and air quality problems for citizens and residents.

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