Musanda passes 74% completion of $40.5mn roads and infrastructure Abu Dhabi project

Project in Al Shawamekh area of UAE capital adhers to international eco-sustainability standards

Abu Dhabi’s Musanada has announced that 74% of the internal road and infrastructure project at Al Shawamekh in the UAE capital for sectors 1, 2, 4, 5, 9 and 10 has been completed.

The $40.5 million project is being developed in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Housing Authority and Abu Dhabi City Municipality over a 352,000sqm area. The project includes the design and construction of infrastructure to serve a total of 301 plots.

These include 241 plots for residential purposes, seven for religious, 10 parks, three for general utilities, three government, seven communications, two commercial, 28 service plots and an educational plot, a statement from Musanada said.

The scope of the project includes all infrastructure works, such as electricity, water and sanitation, communications, pavement and communications for all sectors, so as to properly serve the needs of the area’s residential population. The project will serve a wide segment of UAE nationals and residents at Al Shawamekh area.

Musanada added that it is adhering to eco-sustainability requirements in line with international standards during the execution of these projects. Best practices will be implemented so as to preserve natural resources, protect the environment and reduce energy consumption, it continued.

It pointed out that quality control procedures were carried out during the construction process, and that the usage of materials conforming with the specifications in line with international eco-sustainability standards.

In its statement, it affirmed that ‘all infrastructure projects entrusted to Musanada are delivered according to highest international standards and as per requirements of the concerned service providers’.

These efforts are done with the aim of achieving the objectives of the Abu Dhabi Plan, towards the provision of sustainable infrastructure that serves the emirate and its economy, in line with best international standards, so as to make the UAE capital a global leader in this field, it added.

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