Comment: We’re the curators of the current and future landscape

Teraciel Group’s Ujjwal Goel on progress, challenges and responses for sustainable development in buidling design

The region is developing at an unprecedented speed. Its rapid economic growth, spatial development, natural resource use and exceptionally high population increase impacts unnecessary environmental stress if conscious practices are not put in place and adhered too.

Well-designed buildings and, most importantly, homes enhance and enrich their occupants’ activities and lives physically, psychologically and emotionally. Therefore as curators of the current and future landscape, we become trustees of the world, and our society, and must pass on a sustainable legacy which will benefit future generations.

Climate change, pollution and the degradation of the natural world pose some of the greatest threats to the well-being and freedom of present and future generations. Now, more than ever, great architecture and design should do more than simply meet its brief. We must work in relationship with the landscape, enhancing our appreciation of the physical environment it occupies to make a positive contribution to the urban or rural landscape.Thoughtfully created design and construction leave a legacy for future generations to enjoy.

We have a responsibility to recognise that what we build today should endure and enhance the lives of those who come after us. The future development path at Teraciel Group is focused on the requirements of conscious and sustainable development by ensuring, inter alia, effective environmental policies and regulations, the application of best available technology, the development and support of strong environmental institutions both externally and internally, and advocacy campaigns for behavioural change. Great design and construction shouldn’t come at an environmental cost, but rather work in a sustainable relationship with the environment and make minimal impact.

Further, living in and with good design can change the way we think and feel; it inspires us, uplifts us, brings us together in new ways and promotes wellbeing and health. As a company of visionaries and designers one must bring: skill and creativity to the project, maximise potential and create value by taking the project beyond the ordinary, avoid predictable responses to a site or brief and offer practical solutions to problems, offer a broad range of skills including design, cost analysis, contract management and project supervision and liaise and consult with other professionals including engineers, quantity surveyors and building contractors.

Our belief in the empowerment of individuals is not limited to the current generation. Future generations have the same rights as we do to live their lives in the ways they choose. We need to act at home and internationally to promote environmentally sustainable ways of doing things.

At Teraciel Group, the long-term development outcomes emphasise the need to strike a careful balance between the interests of the current generation, and the interests of future generations. The company’s economic gains provide a solid foundation for this, and through wisdom and foresight, there will be increasing harmony between economic growth, social development and environmental management.

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