Lamprell to build first jack-up rigs in Saudi Arabia

LoI states that International Maritime Industries and Lamprell will build rigs collaboratively

Lamprell has announced that they have received the contract for the construction and delivery of two jack-up drilling units from the International Maritime Industries (IMI), in which Lamprell is a partner.

Lamprell has signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) for the project and the rigs will be built to Schedule G requirements for operation in Saudi waters, for which fabrication work will be carried out at the Hamriyah yard in the UAE, while maximizing work in Saudi Arabia to approximately 15% of the scope of work.

According to the LoI, the rigs will be built collaboratively between the IMI and Lamprell to be delivered to IMI’s end client. It has been reported that there are ongoing discussions between the end client, IMI and Lamprell to conclude the specifications and contract terms which will, once completed, develop to the final contract signing stage.

Christopher McDonald, CEO at Lamprell, said: “I am very pleased to receive this letter of intent from IMI for the first two jack-up rigs to be built by IMI and Lamprell. This is a significant step forward for the Saudi maritime yard.”

“Following Lamprell’s recent announcement regarding its ascension to Saudi Aramco’s long-term agreement programme, this is a further demonstration of the importance of the Saudi Arabian market to our strategic aspirations.”

He added that the developing relationship between IMI and Lamprell will continue to be enhanced as they construct these rigs and the company is excited by the opportunity to collaborate on such an innovative and important project.

The statement said that Lamprell will provide further information upon signing the contract.


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