Atlas Copco expands 8-Series range with new compressor-generator combo

XAS 88G compressor model features 9kVA built-in generator along with source of high-pressure air

Atlas Copco has expanded its 8-Series compressors with the addition of XAS 88G which combines a source of compressed air with a 9kVA built-in generator in what it claims is a pioneering concept of its 8-series compressor/generator combination range.

According to the Swedish manufacturer, the new model, as well as the others in the series are designed to optimise fuel consumption in-line with load demand.

Hendrik Timmermans, VP, Atlas Copco Portable Air division, said: “This technology means end-users benefit from full-shift fuel economy, even when all sockets and outlets are in operation. There are a number of key applications where the presence of an on-board generator adds real value to our customers by minimising the amount of equipment they need to take to site and ensuring they’re never without power.”

According to Atlas Copco, easy start-up, safety and security are defining features of the machines, which are designed for use on construction and work-sites around the world. For instance, the starter motor protection and anti-air lock system features guarantee easy starting. For added safety, a battery cut off switch is provided with IT relay functionality as standard, meaning there is no need for extra earthing protection.

The XAS 88G is also equipped with an alternator that delivers 100% imbalance in single phase mode, and a rotary screw compressor element that produces 7-bar (100psi) air at a Free Air Delivery (FAD) rate of 5m3/min (175cfm). Furthermore, the machine is driven by an economical, quiet and emission-controlled Kubota engine that produces 33kW at normal shaft speed. This combination offers end-users the capability to power up to three pneumatic tools and two electric tools in semi-simultaneous mode, enabling selection of air supply or power output to match on-site needs.

The XAS 88G portable compressor is available with two generator output options, depending on the operator’s region of the world. It comes in a 230/400V version with three weather-protected power sockets: 2 x 400V 16A and 1 x 230V 16A, along with a 4P 13A circuit breaker. Alternatively, an 110V version is available with three power sockets as well: 1 x 110V 63A, 1 x 110V 32A and 1 x 110V 16A, along with a 2P 63A circuit breaker.

For on-site mobility and transportation, the small footprint unit features a fail-safe lifting beam tested to take four times the weight of the machine, which at 750kg is up to 100kg lighter than comparable units, claims the company. The XAS 88G also has a 2000-hour maintenance interval for the generator belt.


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