SSAB appoints Bion Industrial to ‘My Inner Strenx’ programme

UAE-based truck body and heavy transport equipment company first in region to be approved for programme


The Nordic and US-based high strength steel manufacturer, SSAB, has appointed the UAE’s heavy transport equipment maker and truck body-builder, Bion Industrial, as a member of its ‘My Inner Strenx’ brand programme, according to a statement by the Dubai-based company.

The company had earlier been nominated, along with two other manufacturers, by SSAB in its ‘Hardox In My Body’ brand programme in the Middle East and has now stepped up to become the first in the region to be approved as a member SSAB’s prestigious ‘My Inner Strenx’ programme, the statement said.

Bion uses SSAB’s Strenx steel in the production of its trailer chassis across different product lines to provide greater structural strength at lower weight, thereby increasing the transport vehicle’s efficiency and capability to carry higher loads, the company said. SSAB’s Hardox and Strenx are abrasion resistant steel and high strength structural steel grades used in different applications within the cement, concrete, marine and other industries, the statement added.

SSAB’s trademark brand programmes – ‘Hardox In My Body’ and ‘My Inner Strenx’ – are developed to support customers and foster long-term relationships through joint marketing, technical support and customised trainings. According to the statement from Bion, the membership gives customers a quality certification from SSAB in the form of a guarantee to the end user that the manufactured product is made of genuine Hardox or Strenx high strength steel.

SSAB also extends priority technical support and investments towards customers who are part of these elite programmes, including workshops for best steel utilisation, industry best practices from around the world, product design and customised training for sales and technical personnel.

Speaking about Bion Group’s selection in the ‘My Inner Strenx’ programme, Ozgur Yalcin, area sales manager, Middle East, SSAB, said: “Bionis is already a valued member of our Hardox In My Body brand programme and has had a deep engagement with SSAB for three years. However, with regards to Strenx, we again went through a detailed application process that included technical evaluation of production and design capabilities as well as quality controls in production and testing. At the end of that exercise, we realised that they have strong design knowledge and practices and are very well placed to be a strategic partner for us in the My Inner Strenx programme, too. We are glad to have them onboard with us, and look forward to engaging further through the My Inner Strenx programme.”

Noas Al Rawi, CEO, Bion Group, added: “Quality at Bion Industrial sits at the heart of our organisation. We manufacture heavy transport equipment and truck bodies with ultimate quality standards. This is attributed to associating our company with the ultimate brand in steel manufacturing, SSAB. With this new quality mark – My Inner Stren – Bion Industrial has set a new benchmark in the tipper trailer industry by creating yet another differentiating factor that further strengthens our quality assurance to end users.”

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