GEZE hosts safety systems conference

Fire safety and panic lock devices demonstrated

Well known consultants, architects, designers and developers from the construction industry attended the Supreme Building Technology 2011 -2012 conference, organised by Dubai-based GEZE Middle East on November 29th.

The event’s aim was to highlight innovative new building safety systems and technologies that can save lives.

The technologies included: an automatic window system, emergency exit systems and a panic lock system.

The automatic window system facilitate smoke and heat extraction/dissipation in a building in the event of a fire, allowing people in the building longer access to oxygen supplies and give emergency services more time to help people to evacuate.

The emergency exit systems are designed to ensure the highest levels of public safety in the event of an evacuation.

Finally the ‘Panic lock’ systems which are increasingly favoured by organisations which need full control over access to sensitive building areas and by highly affluent individuals who want to ensure they have control over who has authorized access to their homes. These systems are web-based and allow full remote access.

“As the Emirate of Abu Dhabi builds for its future, local demand is growing for safe and sustainable new buildings. This demand is being led by the Government which recognises the need for world-leading building quality,” commented Charles Constantin, managing director of GEZE Middle East.

“Safe buildings can help save lives. New technologies allow for complete control of a building, such as centralised control panels which open windows and close doors remotely in the event of a fire, containing the flames and heat produced and slowing the spread of resulting smoke, giving people inside more time to escape,” continued Constantin.

“Safer buildings can also be more environmentally-friendly buildings, such as efficient modern ventilation systems which can help reduce the amount of air conditioning needed and thereby reduce power consumption.” Constantin concludes.


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