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Antimicrobial copper promoted by international body for use in region’s schools

The International Copper Association (ICA) is promoting the use of antimicrobial copper in the Middle East following clinical trials in the UK which concluded the material can reduce the spread of infection by more than 90%.

The trials, conducted at Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham compared the antibacterial performance of the newly-developed material against that of non-copper surfaces. The ICA claims the surfaces “continuously kill bacteria and viruses such as Influenza A, E. Coli and MRSA between routine cleans”.

The anti-bacterial copper is already in use in Mejiro Daycare Centre for Children, Hachioji City, Tokyo, Japan. The centre has replaced hand-washing basins, taps, food-serving tables, serving trolleys and door furniture with brass alloy alternatives.

“We had already implemented infection control by introducing air-purification units and ensuring children wash their hands properly, but we are still searching for better measures,” said centre director Shoji Hiiragizawa.

Local ICA representative Ravinder Bhan said: “The Middle East places special emphasis on public health. The use of copper alloy touch surfaces, as demonstrated through application in the Tokyo daycare centre, can serve as a model for the Middle East

“The antimicrobial properties will reduce the chance of infection among children, and add to their health and safety in schools,” he added.


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