Women invest $3.6bn in Dubai real estate

Dubai Land Department releases data showing that 5,434 women invested in property in the emirate

Female investors have increased demand for real estate in Dubai.

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Female investors spent $3.6bn on property in Dubai last year, representing 23 percent of the emirate’s real estate market.

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) released data showing that 5,434 women invested in property. This was only a slight increase from last year when 4,704 female investors poured $2.8bn in the real estate market, making up 22 per cent of total investments.

Personal finance advisers and property analysts have seen an increase in demand by female investors for real estate.

“We are witnessing a positive shift, many home buyers today are single women and the number is growing. Investment in property is no longer an exclusive male province,” said Sandi Saksena, sales manager with Nexus Insurance brokers.

“Women investors formed a small slice of the pie until now but it is a growing figure and one to reckon with. Now women are taking a keen interest in buying property.”

Some interest is from women who made money from business, according to Helen Tatham, Director of Residential at Knight Frank. “Property is a tangible investment that women prefer over stocks and shares. I feel that they can relate to property more easily.”

Greater access to market information, a desire to be financially independent and women’s banking services all contributing to women’s interest in the property market.

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