Austria Expo 2020 Pavilion to be built using historical solutions

Expo 2020 will reach its ‘Two Years to Go’ milestone on 20 October

The Austria Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai will be built using a 9,000-year-old building material comprising sand, silt and clay. The pavilion will be located in the ‘Opportunity Thematic District’ and will explore historical solutions to sustainable construction.

According to a statement from the Expo 2020 organisers, the pavilion’s exterior will feature some 60 interlaced cones of differing heights created from loam, a compostable soil that has been used in construction for centuries.

The positioning of the cones allows natural ventilation and can reduce temperature by up to 10-degrees Celsius, thus reducing mechanical cooling load. The organisers say this represents intelligent, resource-efficient architecture that is robust and smart.

The Austrian pavilion will host ‘The Inside’, an interactive exhibition, which showcases the theme ‘Every good idea begins with the right question’, through the stories of Austrian thought-leaders and change-makers. An Innovation Lab will also host temporary exhibitions, workshops and installations, the organisers said.

The pavilion is said to represent the European nation’s ambition to use Expo 2020 Dubai as an opportunity to visit its past, stimulate dialogue and solve current challenges. Once built, the pavilion will demonstrate the nation’s status as a powerhouse of innovation, the Expo 2020 organisers concluded.


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