H3 Dynamics Holdings launches new AI tool for high-rise building inspections

Façade Inspector will utilise machine learning and drones to inspect and maintain high-rise building facades

H3 Dynamics Holdings, a Singaporean based firm, has announced the launch of H3 Zoom AI, a new cloud-based and artificial intelligence enabled services platform that can connect with camera drones to offer a safer, faster and more accurate alternative to dangerous, difficult to reach or mass-scale maintenance inspection activities.

With a first focus on Smart Cities, H3 Zoom will launch Façade Inspector, a visual inspection tool that utilises machine learning and drones to inspect and maintain high-rise building facades. It will be unveiled for the first time at the 2018 World Cities Summit – Singapore Pavilion, from July 9 – 11, 2018.

With there being an increase in inspection frequencies as the number of high-rise buildings around the world continue to grow, H3 Zoom’s Façade Inspector aims to address the scalability challenge by introducing a fully digitised process that can scan a high-rise building within minutes, instead of weeks, while avoiding obstacles and improving worker safety.

The AI engine will be able to sort through thousands of HD images and billions of pixels to precisely identify, qualify and localise different types of defects, which are then represented through interactive inspection reports, the company said.

A statement on its website added that the system is “capable of detecting various building and facade anomalies, including cracks, corrosion, paint peeling and other defects on different materials such as concrete, cladding, glass, or metallic surfaces”.

The interactive nature of the solution offers users the ability to zoom into any of the HD images that identify the problems, while each defect description also coming with a severity grading that will be input by the AI, which has learned over time.

The tool is offered as a cloud-based subscription service, while it will also be available as an API so that further integration between smart city stakeholders can be supported. This will also open up possibilities for completely new service opportunities for thousands of inspection services companies, contractors, real estate developers, owners and operators.


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