Notus Composites completes final fire-retardant shipment for Museum of the Future

More than 600,000sqm of prepreg materials supplied for building’s external facades

Notus Composite, a prepreg solutions provider based in the UAE, has completed the final shipment of fire retardant expoy prepeg for the Museum of the Future in Dubai, it has announced.

In a statement, the company said that more than 600,000sqm of prepreg materials have been supplied for the building’s external façade panels, with the two-year build program culminating in the Museum’s online unveiling on December 2nd, 2020.

Notus’ statement highlighted the complexity of the Museum’s facades. Designed by architectural firm Killa Design, and conceived as a composite structure from the outset, it serves as a true example of the benefits of building with advanced composites, it continued.

The company explained that it worked with the Museum’s two façade manufacturers, Affan Innovative Structures and Nova Composites, to provide the composite materials for this unique exterior cladding.

Due to open in 2021, the Museum of the Future features 1024 cladding panels that have been built using a combination of Notus’ multiaxial glass and carbon prepregs. These EPFR-609 prepregs and NE11FR surfacing films deliver exceptional fire performance and have been approved by the Dubai Civil Defence (DCD).

Each panel is unique in shape as the Arabic calligraphy covering the façade is moulded into each individual panel, with the black letters also forming the glazed window penetrations in the façade. The multiaxial prepregs were laminated in CNC milled moulds at Affan’s and Nova’s factories in Dubai, before glazing elements, LED lighting systems and stainless-steel surface finishes were added, and the panels delivered to site for installation.

“It has been a fantastic opportunity to work on the Museum of the Future” commented Mihir Shah, Managing Director, Notus Composites.

“We’ve come such a long way since 2015 and are now supplying into some of the largest and most complex composite construction projects in the Middle East. It’s great to see our investment in testing and development being successful, as our clients continue to deliver ever larger FR composite structures,” he concluded.

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