Oman-India venture in $20m Duqm SEZ waste treatment deal

Hasan Juma Backer and Tatva Global Environment to construct waste-treatment storage and disposal facility in Oman

PHOTO: The joint venture is set to design and construct an integrated waste treatment storage and disposal facility at Duqm SEZ. Credit: Shutterstock

Contractor Hasan Juma Backer (HJB) and India’s Tatva Global Environment have been awarded a contract to build a $20 million waste-treatment facility in Oman, it was reported.

The joint venture is set to design and construct the integrated waste-storage and disposal facility at the Duqm Special Economic Zone (SEZ), according to the Oman Daily Observer.

The award of the contract was supervised by the Special Economic Zone Authority of Duqm (SEZAD), which regulates the development of the greenfield industrial and maritime hub, on behalf of Oman Environmental Services Holding Co (Be’ah), the government owned entity that manages the solid-waste sector.

Phase 1 of the project will involve the development of an integrated waste-treatment scheme featuring a pair of landfill sites dedicated to the storage of municipal and industrial waste. The later phases will likely see the development of additional storage capacity along with support infrastructure.

The JV is required to design and build a landfill cell covering an area of 80,000 square meters that will be used for municipal solid wastes. The Duqm facility will also feature composite lining facilities and a leachate collection and removal system and may also add evaporation ponds of around 5,000 cubic meters capacity.

A 10,000 square meter landfill cell, reinforced with double composite lining facilities as well as leachate detection, collection and removal system has also been planned that will receive the industrial waste from the Duqm area.

The joint venture between Oman’s HJB and Tatva has already won contracts on behalf of Be’ah to build engineered landfills in Barka, Sur and Sohar.

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