Spotted! Linden Comansa crane dominates Bangkok skyline

Flat-top crane seen on site at the 340m MahaNakhon tower project in Thailand

PHOTO: The MahaNakhon tower is a 340m structure with 77 floors. Credit:

The tower crane from Spanish manufacturer Linden Comansa is spotted on the construction of Thailand’s tallest skyscraper, in Bangkok. The MahaNakhon tower is a 340m structure with 77 floors, and from 2016 it will house a hotel, a shopping area and luxury apartments.

On top of the MahaNakhon tower stands the 21LC290 flat-top crane. Featuring an 18t maximum load capacity and 40m jib, the crane was initially erected on fixing angles with a freestanding height of 60.7m. As the tower gained height, the 21LC290 18t did too, thanks to Linden Comansa’s internal climbing system, which is tied to the structure of the building. This internal climbing system climbs the crane quickly and safely while maintaining two ties to the structure, and saves costs as it only needs 11 mast sections. An external crane would need more than 60 mast sections to reach the height of 340m.

In order to operate with the greatest possible efficiency, the 21LC290 18t is equipped with a 110kW rated hoist motor, which reaches speeds of up to 228m per minute. This allows high productivity and efficiency, as loads are moved very quickly. In addition, this engine has a high-capacity cable drum (1,280m of rope) manufactured by Lebus, so that the crane can permanently work with double trolley and full capacity of 18t.

The 21LC290 started with the construction of the core structure of the MahaNakhon tower in September 2013 and completed it only 20 months later, in April 2015. Delivered with Bouygues-Thai’s corporate orange colour, it is still working tirelessly 16 hours per day, from 6am to 10pm, to meet the demanding schedule of the project.

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