Lack of regulation ‘stalls adoption of green construction vehicles’

Green technologies are available but the Gulf market is reluctant, says MAN Truck and Bus exec

PHOTO: Richard Brown of MAN Truck and Bus Middle East and Africa said the Gulf market has been reluctant to adopt environmentally friendly vehicles. Credit: Shutterstock

The lack of regulations requiring the use of “green” construction vehicles is holding back adoption in the Gulf market, a MAN Truck and Bus executive said in a statement.

Richard Brown, Head of Product at MAN Truck and Bus Middle East and Africa, said the latest resource-saving, environmentally friendly vehicles are available in the region, but the market has so far been reluctant to adopt them.

“The construction industry in the GCC is undergoing a revival, meaning that hundreds of billions of dollars of some of the most dynamic and exciting projects in the world are in the pipeline. From an economic point of view this is extremely positive, but the increased number of vehicles that will be used to construct them is set to place an enormous strain on an already fragile environment,” he said.

“The industry has an ideal opportunity to offset this impact through the use of green construction vehicles, but without regulations to govern their use there is little incentive to do so at present.”

Over $340 billion of large-scale developments are planned over the next 15-years, as well as $194 billion in contracts awarded in 2015.

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