Nivine Issa launches new environmental consultancy, Terra Nexus

Issa says there has never been a better time for a new environmental services firm in the market

Speaking exclusively to Middle East Construction News (MECN), Nivine Issa, Founder & Managing Director of Terra Nexus has announced the launch of her new firm, and says the organisation “aims to be a catalyst for environmental excellence, leading the way towards improved environmental performance and sustainable growth in the region”.

Based in Dubai, Terra Nexus plans to “provide exceptional environmental consultancy services that empower clients to make informed decisions, minimise their ecological footprint and support their sustainability vision,” Issa explains.

Asked about the inspiration that drove her to launch the firm, Issa responds, “With everything that’s happening in the region, the transformation and unprecedented focus on sustainable development, Net Zero plans and environmental targets, there has never been a better time for a new player in the market. Coupling this with my love for the environmental services industry and passion in building strong multidisciplinary teams really pushed me to build Terra Nexus and help bring environmental excellence in the region to new heights.”

Issa is a veteran of the regional built environment and has worked in the environment consultancy sphere on some of the most impressive projects in the region. Her most recent role was Partner and Global Director of Environment at AESG, where she built one of the largest multidisciplinary environmental teams and spearheaded the company’s growth in multiple verticals and sectors.

Asked to expand on the firm’s service offering and how Issa plans to ensure her firm stands out in the market, she notes, “We aim to provide exceptional environmental consultancy services that empower our clients to make informed decisions, minimise their ecological footprint and support their sustainability vision. We have come together as a group of environmental experts, with a diverse background, but a firm consistent belief that growth and development can go hand in hand with environmental conservation and consciousness.”

“We combine our extensive local understanding with scientific expertise, innovative thinking, and an integrated approach to deliver practical and effective solutions. Through environmental impact assessment, environmental planning and design, ecological studies and waste management planning, we strive to mitigate environmental risks, enhance ecosystem health, and help create a sustainable future for generations to come.”

She continues, “At Terra Nexus, we are guided by the principle of ‘Building with Nature’, which embodies the comprehensive standards of sustainable development on a quest to achieve equilibrium between anthropogenic development and the natural environment. Our unique service offering will support developers, architects, engineers and planners throughout their development’s lifecycle.

Discussing the Middle East and which markets will be key for her firm, Issa notes that her multidisciplinary team of experts has worked on projects from around the globe.

“We are fortunate to bring all of our knowledge and experience to the region. Having spent the past 13 years in the region, I have had the privilege to work on some of the most complex and ambitious development and advisory projects around the GCC. Our focus at the moment will be on projects in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, where some of the most ambitious sustainability and environmental targets have been set,” she clarifies.

Discussing the opportunities she has identified in the market and whether or not her firm will focus on a specific sector or niche, Issa states, “We have seen the market go through its ups and downs over the past decade, but the environmental consultancy space is as competitive and busy as ever. Terra Nexus brings together a team of experts and partners from around the world, and what sets us apart is not only our expertise and knowledge, but also our unwavering commitment to making a difference on the projects that we work on.”

“With our unique service offering around the full suite of environmental studies, as well as our environmental design planning services, we fill a substantial gap in the market. We have taken the time to invest in an area that we believe will make the most impact on projects in the region, and we will focus on those projects in the built environment and infrastructure sectors.”

Asked about what challenges she anticipates as an entrepreneur, Issa highlights, “As with any business in the region, there will be challenges around staying competitive and sustaining growth with the ever-changing economic landscape of the region; however, we will strive to differentiate ourselves from the competition, provide exceptional services to our clients, and constantly aim to make a positive impact on the projects that we work on.”

Speaking about COP28’s potential impact on the built environment and what she would like to see come from the global event, Issa concludes, “I am extremely proud that Dubai will host this year’s COP, where world leaders and key stakeholders will meet to discuss the most pressing climate action issues. The road to COP28 for the UAE has been an inspiring long journey that started back in 1975.”

She adds, “As someone who is born and raised in the Middle East, and having spent more than a decade in Dubai already, I am committed to investing in Terra Nexus to help support governments and organisations on their quest to improved environmental performance and sustainable growth. I’m extremely proud of the impact this region has had over the past few years on a global scale, and I’m looking forward to witnessing and contributing to further achievements and goals in the environmental space here.”

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