Cameras to catch ‘tailgaters’ to hit Dubai roads on July 1

Practice of driving at unsafe distance caused 11 deaths in the first five months of 2015 and 26 deaths in 2014, authorities say

PHOTO: Motorists who tailgate in Dubai are subject to a fine of $110 and four black points. Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai will soon roll out new traffic cameras that can detect and fine motorists who tailgate on the road, it was reported.

Maj Gen Mohammed Al Zafeen, assistant commander general for Dubai Police, said the new cameras – which are set to become operational on July 1 – will reduce accidents and fatalities, The National reported.

The new system will clamp down on motorists failing to observe a safe distance between their vehicles and those of other road users.

Drivers will need to maintain a distance of five metres between their car and the vehicle in front while driving at speeds of 80km/h or more, Al Zafeen said.

The radar technology used by the cameras can determine the distance between vehicles travelling at any speed, he noted.

Dubai Police on Sunday announced that tailgating is the third leading cause of traffic deaths in the emirate. Accidents caused by tailgating resulted in 11 deaths in the first five months of 2015, and 26 deaths last year, it was reported.

“We found out that most deaths caused by tailgating take place in Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road (E311), followed by Emirates Road (E611). We also found that most victims were Emiratis,” said Lt. Colonel Homoud Saeed Al Amiri, quoted in Gulf News.

Dubai Traffic Police last year issued 69,964 fines to drivers for failing to leave a safe distance between vehicles. They have already issued 19,975 fines in the first four months of 2015.

The penalty for tailgating is a fine of AED400 ($110) and four black points.


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