Augmented reality to make a very real impact in construction

As a child of the 90s, I’ve been pretty fortunate to witness some of the greatest technological advances in human history first-hand. As a result, I often have to remind myself how lucky I am to live in an age when technology has emerged as a civilisation-altering force in our lives.

I still remember what it was like using a dial-up modem to access the internet, where even a single MP3 could take hours to download, and that’s with the proviso that no one picked up the phone to make a call. Even then, I forget how good I have it when I complain about my smartphone being too slow.

My first mobile phone was an Alcatel One Touch Club. Slow wasn’t even an option with that brick.

So when I consider the concept of augmented reality and hear people like Charles Dunk and Brian Mullins tell me what it’s capable of doing, I’m filled with a renewed sense of appreciation for the wonders and possibilities of technology.

While we’re used to augmented reality in our movies and video games, it’s not really something we think about when it comes to construction. But of course, when you do actually consider the applications, it’s staggeringly clear how powerful a tool this technology can be.

I do hope that this month’s cover feature begins a debate about the use of this technology in the regional construction industry. Have a play with it on your smart phones and tell me if you’re not impressed. I’m pretty sure you will be.

And finally, with November upon us again, it can only mean that the Big Project ME Awards are around the corner. It seems like only last week we were sorting through entries for the 2013 edition. Time really has flown.

This year’s entries have been as varied as they have been competitive. It hasn’t been an easy process judging them and I’m indebted to the judging panel for stepping in and helping out.

We’ve picked some very worthy winners this year, and I look forward to revealing them on the 18th at the Conrad Hotel.

See you all there.


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