Tata Motors’ sharp offering

It seems hardly a month goes past without another new vehicle (or even marque) hitting the market. This month, we preview Tata Motors’ new 4038K tipper, the second in its Prima series (its 4×2 tractor head was featured in May last year).

While Tata Motors has long dominated the Indian market, over recent years it has been challenged by the arrival of new competitors. This has awakened Tata Motors from its domestic market concentration, and it is now developing its Prima range to seriously contest the international markets. And for the GCC, that means an extra option in the truck market, one which comes with an enviably low price tag, both up-front and for its service contracts.

And the 4038K tipper should prove an able performer in the Gulf, since it was designed precisely for the market with a larger engine (380 horsepower) and standard features such as hub reduction and its 18 cubic metre payload box, which is factory-fitted (though supplied by Hyva). A pre-production vehicle spent two summers in Kuwait to examine performance in high temperatures, suggesting that Tata Motors has done its homework to ensure its vehicles can fully cope with the environment here.

It’s yet another example of the old adage of competition leading to better outcomes for the market, and fleet owners will benefit from an additional option.

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