Property firm Damac to build ‘tropical rainforest’ in Dubai

‘Dubai Rainforest’ will be located next to the Trump World Golf Clubhouse and open to residents and visitors to the Akoya community

PHOTO: Damac to consult with Amazonian experts for upcoming Dubai Rainforest, to be located in its Akoya Oxygen development. Credit: Damac Properties

Just when you thought you couldn’t be surprised by anything Dubai has to offer, the city proves you wrong with a new, ever flamboyant property project.

Developer Damac Properties has just announced its upcoming Akoya Oxygen development will house the Middle East’s first “tropical rainforest,” to be completed ahead of the Expo 2020.

The project is being positioned as a tourist attraction as the city gears up to host 20 million visitors a year by 2020. The Dubai Rainforest will be located next to the Trump World Golf Clubhouse, and be open to residents and visitors to the Akoya by Damac community.

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The rainforest is expected to be complete by 2019, Niall Mcloughlin, senior vice president at Damac told “As we develop the project further we will be releasing more details on the detailed design and construction,” he added.

“Dubai is known around the world for attracting the biggest and best and the Dubai Rainforest joins that list of unique attractions which will support the growth of the city,” said Ziad El Chaar, managing director of Damac. “The Dubai Rainforest will fit perfectly into the ethos of Akoya Oxygen – the greenest community in Dubai – and provide a new space for education and cultural events which will raise awareness of this exciting ecosystem.”

The rainforest will be housed in a dome in the Akoya Oxygen development, and the rainforest environment “will be fully recreated with many plants species integrated into the iconic dome structure,” the developer announced, adding that it is working with Amazonian rainforest experts to bring the project to life.

“We are currently working with experts in the field to ensure that the project is true to life, while ensuring the highest standards of environmental protection. It will include many of the fauna and flora experienced in tropical rainforests, which will be cared for by experts utilizing the most environmentally-friendly practices in the market today,” Mcloughlin said.


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