Qatari court orders $272,000 compensation over sewer deaths

‘Blood money’ payments to dependents of four workers who died as a result of sewer asphyxiation

PHOTO: Four workers died after inhaling noxious gases. Credit: Shutterstock

A Qatari court has ordered the payment of $272,000 to the dependents of four workers who died as a result of sewer asphyxiation, according to media reports.

Along with the compensation cost for the death of the workers, the court has sentenced three supervisors to six months in jail for failing to follow the expected safety and security measures, according to Qatari daily newspaper Al Raya.

Al Raya reported that the public prosecution charged the contracting company and the company supervisors with negligence that resulted in the suffocation of the workers.

The first victim reportedly entered the sewer to perform the requested work but did not emerge after some time. Three co-workers then followed him and all four died due to inhaling noxious gases.

Investigations concluded that the workers and site supervisors failed to take necessary safety measures, such as wearing gas masks and carrying communication devices.

The company’s lawyer challenged the court’s decision and called for a non-guilty verdict.


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