UAE launches drone to monitor construction site violations

Drones will support inspectors during field campaigns, with a focus on recording violations of midday break periods

Saqr Ghobash, of the Ministry of Labour, launches a remote-controlled drone to monitor construction sites. Image courtesy: WAM

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The UAE has launched a remote-controlled drone to monitor for violations at construction sites, according to the state news agency.

The drone will support inspectors during field campaigns, with a focus on recording violations of midday break periods.

“It is very accurate and definitely saves the inspectors’ time and efforts,” Saqr Ghobash of the Minister of Labour (MoL), was quoted as saying by WAM. “It allows the team to monitor every movement from the screen attached on the remote control then note any violations.”

Introduced by the IT department at the MoL, the idea was developed in partnership with technical students from the Higher Colleges of Technology in Dubai, the statement said.

The drone covers around 2 sq. km over a 15-20 minutes battery-life span (rechargeable) and can reach altitudes of up to one kilometre. The machine is controlled wirelessly and equipped with a built-in navigation system. It also features a HD camera that provides a clear vision of targeted sites, which can be monitored remotely.

The inspections team at the ministry seeks to develop the project further and use the drone as an electronic link between the labour monitoring systems and the videos recorded, to directly issue fines on the spot and save time and effort, the release said.

The ministry is also working to train inspectors to use the drones efficiently to monitor construction sites and record movements via high-quality images and videos that state date, time and location, and can be used as clear evidence.

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