Qatar Rail awards BIM services contract to Autodesk

Software provider to provide BIM implementation, consultation and advisory services towards the construction of railway network

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Qatar Rail has awarded a Building Information Modelling (BIM) services contract to Autodesk, the global provider of 3D design, engineering and entertainment software, it has been announced.

As per the agreement, Autodesk will provide Qatar Rail with BIM implementation, consultancy and advisory services towards the construction of a modern, integrated railway network in the country.

Qatar Rail is responsible for the design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the entire rail network and systems. The agreement was formalised at a signing ceremony in Doha, which was attended by Saad Ahmed al-Muhannadi, CEO of Qatar Rail and Callan Carpenter, vice president of global services, Autodesk.

Autodesk’s consulting team will support Qatar Rail in the implementation of BIM technologies and practices to help decrease the overall time and costs of railway projects by minimising rework and miscommunication, providing more actionable insight into projects, and helping accelerate decision-making earlier into the project lifecycle.

Over the next three years, Qatar Rail will employ several services offered by Autodesk, starting with the company’s expertise on BIM standards, quality control and integration across organisations. Autodesk will also implement a technology platform within Qatar Rail to train, support and collaborate with the company’s assigned staff for the railway project.

“A rigorous BIM process implementation has the potential to deliver tremendous benefits to the owner/operators of national infrastructure projects like Qatar Rail, from the design phase, through construction, commissioning and ongoing operations,” said Carpenter.

Autodesk will also outline specific BIM standards and processes for the railway project that will serve as the foundation for BIM requirements and as a starting point for BIM implementations for future contracts.

The Qatar Rail Development Programme (QRDP) consists of Doha Metro, Long Distance (Passenger Rail, Freight Rail) and Light Rail Transit. To be implemented over a number of phases, the QRDP will also forge and improve rail links throughout Qatar and with its neighbours within the region, which will in turn facilitate economic diversification and growth.

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