Qatar Rail sets target to reuse 100% of excavated waste

Push to raise recycled share of solid waste

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Qatar Rail plans to reuse 100% of the excavated waste generated by its projects, as part of a push by the country’s government entities to highlight the benefits of reusing and recycling excavation and construction waste, a company official has said.

Major organisations like Qatar Rail and Ashgal are driving the push on behalf of the Qatari government, said Dr Mark Evans, Environmental and Sustainability manager, PMC Major Stations Department at Qatar Rail.

Speaking at the Waste Management and Recycling Summit in Doha, Dr Evans stressed that Qatar Rail was not far off its target.

“The project targets 100% reuse for excavated waste and less than 10% waste for landfill,” he told The Peninsula, a Qatari daily. “We’re not far off with our target actually. We’re not quite 100% yet, but we’re 95% currently.”

He added that with its efficient waste management plan, Qatar Rail had seen $3.57 million in excavation savings, pointing out that thousands of tonnes of waste had been generated from the excavation of tunnels and the underground stations.


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